Rubens Cantuni

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  • Tess Gadd

    Tess Gadd

    UI Designer

  • Jonathan Lavigne

    Jonathan Lavigne

    Hi! I’m Jonathan. I write about kids, family and tech.

  • Nicole Yuen

    Nicole Yuen

    Aspiring UX Designer

  • Alicia Quan

    Alicia Quan

    EdTech Product Design • UX of EdTech • Figma Comm. Advocate, Educators💡 👋🏾 Let’s connect @UX_EdTech

  • Flavio Lamenza

    Flavio Lamenza

    User Experience Designer. Creator. Curious. Reader. Optimist. Father of Miguel and Bernardo.

  • Steven Wolfe Pereira

    Steven Wolfe Pereira

    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at Encantos, the storyteaching platform empowering creators from around the world to help kids learn 21st-century

  • Mel Smith Habibian

    Mel Smith Habibian

    Product designer making the complex simple. Currently @MetaLab |

  • Fabiano Bernardo

    Fabiano Bernardo

    "Gotta cross my T’s and dot my I’s or I can't sleep well" 🏁 - Product Designer @metalab

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